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What are the factors affecting the drying of the electrolytic aluminium coating machine?

Company News
2019/04/30 15:03

In the current market, the most commonly used coating machine is the electrolytic aluminium coating machine, so what are the factors affecting the drying process of the coating machine? The electrolytic aluminium coating machine is the only form of the coating machine. With the development of paper machine coating, many new coaters have been invented, among which the main one is the roll type. It is coated with glue-coated metal rolls to distribute the coating mixture on paper. Generally, it is suitable for paper machine coating, but it can also be used for ordinary coating.
The electrochemical aluminium coating machine is mainly coated by two types of flat rollers and concave rollers. Compared with the coating mixture used in the electrochemical aluminium coating machine, the roller coating machine can use the coating mixture with higher viscosity. Modified starch is especially suitable for roll coating. When the viscosity of modified starch is low, a roller coating mixture containing 55-70% solids can be produced. During evaporation and vaporization of surface liquid, the wet coating absorbs the heat of dry air through heat exchange with dry hot gas. The liquid on the surface of the coating evaporates continuously into vapor and enters into the air, and the vapor is taken away by dry air. When the liquid content of wet coating is more than critical moisture content, the speed of surface vaporization depends on the following factors: surface air flow rate, humidity of dry air, temperature of dry air. When the wet content of wet coating reaches critical moisture content, the speed of surface vaporization depends on the diffusion rate of liquid in the coating.


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